Deen Team

You've heard of the dream team - mind out, reality bites, 'cos here comes the Deen Team! This is our ever popular unisex soft cotton, straight cut, long bodied, t-shirt material hoodie. Great for training in, blazin' on the street, or loungin' in the crib. The sleeve carries our trademark ilmwear crest and the print is a supa-fly gold glitter print (not too 'bling' - just subtle, so the magpies don't come swoopin' in on you… but watch out for the playa hatas!).

Tip for the Sisters: Why not use the hood instead of a bone cap underneath your hijab.

The Japanese at the top says 'Islam' and the mosque in the background says '5 Pillars Defence'. If we forget our pillars then we've lost!

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