Palestinian Prayer :

We're really excited about these garments which have taken some designin'!
You’ve got two choices:
A brand new supa-tough, never-been-worn, heavy grade army issue shirt/jacket - with our trademark embroidered crest and groovy epaulets (somewhere to put your topee, or pin your hijab!). Plus, stitched above the right pocket there's a strip of loop-side Velcro (usually where you'd put your name and rank). Why not try writing a slogan, or even maybe the shahadah on the hook-side of piece of Velcro and stick it on!
The red Arabic says 'al-filasteenioun' which translated means 'The Palestinians'.

An Arabic Dua' (prayer) is written below that, with English transliteration, which reads:
Yaa mudhilla kulli jabbaarin 'aneedin biqahrin 'adh'eemin wa sult'aanihi

The translation of that is:

Oh he who disgraces all obstinate tyrants, by the exercise of supreme power and His absolute authority

The image is of a wall being smashed, to reveal a scarf popularised by the Palestinian struggle.

Finally at the bottom to round things off, in cool English handwriting it says: 'Prayer for the Oppressed'
Or there's our long-sleeve army green shirt, with contrasting beige sleeves, collar and hem. You betcha - they're comfortable and worn by the Sisters and Brothers on the team.

Perfect for a demo - no need to make a banner. Help the masses chant a worthwhile Prayer for the Oppressed.
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