Why do you have so many political designs?

The aim is to encourage optimism in the youth and counter act negative propaganda against certain people, beliefs and nationalities. We all agree that certain stereotypes , perceptions and a climate of fear in the world need to change, right? We feel that the only way that this can be brought forward is by challenging these existing stereotypes. People have to at least entertain dialogue with communities who feel that they have little opportunity to voice their opinions. Without allowing this, youth feel disenfranchised and misunderstood. Constantly propagating a statement such as ‘trust me we are nice, peaceful people' alone cannot heal these social ills – it didn't help the American civil rights movement. If people already mistrust, misunderstand and discount others views – how can they then communicate? Don't blame the oppressed, the poor and the weak.

Many people suffer abuse and oppression, be it physical or mental. A woman say does not have to be beaten or sworn at to signify persecution – the fact that she is tolerated can be enough, if it's not out of genuine compassion. Hatred and this sort of tolerance may be displayed in different ways, but both inevitably end at the same conclusion - eventual ruin; because their drivers are rooted in patronisation, compulsion without empathy and perceived superiority of one over another. This can lead to a more sinister form of psychological instability and distress - which to many may not be apparent on first glance. Ask the people who feel and suffer at the hands of this!

Like we said our t-shirts aren't gonna change the world, but they give people who crave identity and voice an option …And, ‘cos our t-shirts aren't that powerful, why do some of y'all worry about them so much? These designs represent a point of view that millions of people hold – but many don't give them the chance to speak!

Anyway, read some of Malcolm-X's speeches – he explains it better than us!

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