Aren't you guys adding to the problem? 

Attitude changes come with education in tandem with deterrent. Now we are not for one minute advocating people go and commit mayhem and violence. What we are saying though is that we can understand why people may take action, because they feel that it's their last resort. It's unfair to attack and torture someone else and not allow them the opportunity to resist or benefit from justice. That's like shooting a Native American, sterilising them, killing them with diseases and rifles; then taking their land - when all they have is hospitality for you and a couple of bows and arrows for hunting… or fighting a Lion for sport, once you've taken out their teeth and half starved them.

Take the martial arts of bushido - the way of the samurai. There is balance of intellect, discipline, manners and fighting ability - only when necessary.

“If a person has his sword out all the time, he is habitually swinging a naked blade; people will not approach him and he will have no allies. If a swords is always sheathed, it will become rusty, the blade will dull and people will think as much of its owner” – Hagukure, The Book of the Samurai.

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