What's that Liberty ' design all about?

The Liberty picture is taken from the photograph of sister in Iraq . Our point is that there are two sides to every story - some may see her as oppressed, whilst others as a liberated freedom-fighter. It seems you can't win one minute they tell you that women like this are backward, timid, unintelligent and oppressed and the other minute they are dangerous evil doers with the power to destabilise the world!

We felt that the Sister in the photo symbolised for many their desire for liberty and the right to live their lives in the way that they chose - in much the same way as the statue in NY does for other people. The sister was exercising her right to carry a firearm in her own country and demonstrated her disapproval of the current situation out there. Some have wrongly jumped to the conclusion that she must be a terrorist.

If there was a t-shirt with a white, blonde haired woman holding up a rifle next to the stars and stripes flag, with the title 'home of the brave, land of the free' she wouldn't be seen as a terrorist, right?! Or if there was some Afro-American woman on a shirt with an afro and a rifle, she'd be seen as a cool lookin' positive role model - only because the Afro Americans have fought for their rights... before they would have been seen as troublemakers, or ungrateful slaves.

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